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Monthly Customers
Our technology impacts over 5,000 farmers every month in 4 counties in Kenya.


Direct Beneficiaries
We are on track to impact 60,000+ farmers directly and indirectly


Patents acquired
We have 2 Kenyan patents and 1 Africa-wide patent pending.


Continental Awards
We stand out! We pioneer! We transform lives! and for that, we have been given 3 Awards for our work.
About Us

Using AI to Boost Food Security in the Global South

We are disrupting Africas agricultural sector using the Fourth generation revolution technologies such as AI to end hunger and poverty among marginalized smallholder farming communities in the African rural areas. We enedeavour to

Enable farmers detect pests & diseases on time

Produce sufficient food to meet their dietary needs for a productive and healthy life.

Practise sustainable agriculture

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Our Services

We pioneered the solar crop pests/diseases scanners

Timely Crop Pests and Diseases Detection

Each device is solar-powered and is able to scan the farm and notify the farmer of any crop pests or disease through their phone.

Recommending solutions!

Once the device detect a crop pest or disease in the farm, it advises you as the farmer on the farm chemicals and fertilizers you should apply and where to buy them.

Big-data analytics!

All the data from the devices is then sent to our data analytics dashboard for analysis to generate valuable data insights to be used in making data-guided policies and decisions.

Why Choose Us!

Tried, tested and recommended to you!

We have pioneered the first-ever technology that is able to operate in your farm throughout the farming season and constantly advise you on any crop pests and diseases in your farm and give you valuable and insightful data about your crops. We assure you of:







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Our Journey Ahead!

Our next steps to scale

Impacting 250,000 farmers by 2027

We take it as our moral imperative responsibility to end Hunger and ensure food security for 250,000 farmers from rural communities in the Global South by 2027. Our goal is to increase their agricultural productivity by at least 45% and ensure that all the people, especially the most vulnerable farming communities, have access to safe, nutritious, and sufficient food throughout the year.

Scaling to 15 Kenyan counties by 2024

Food insecurity remains a significant challenge in Kenya, despite efforts to address the issue due to factors such as food losses from crop pests and diseases, climate change and prolonged droughts, land degradation among others. Our technology is built to solve this underpinning our laser focus to scale the technology into 15 counties/regions in Kenya by 2024.

Scaling to 5 African countries by 2026

Despite many global NGOs actively working to alleviate hunger and improve food security in Africa, Africa has remained the continent with the highest hunger levels and with the most vulnerable to future shocks and crises. On the other hand, a research by WFP (USA,2017) shows that technology can provide enormous solution. This has been a buttress to our goal of scaling our proven impact to 5 African countries by 2026.

We are waiting for you

Lets transform your farm today

We give you a guarantee of 40% increase in your farm yields if you use our devices in your farm. After the first step of contacting us, we will install the device permanently in your farm and configure it to your phone, then you immedietely start receiving notifications of crop pests and diseases in your farm and the solutions you should use. Write to us here:

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